We are passionate about high technology lift controllers and are currently developing the next generation lift controller of open source software and hardware for European lift controllers.

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Thor Engineering GmbH is a software development company working in the European lift and escalator industry that was founded in the end of 2015 by Lars Gustafsson, founder of the SafeLine Group. Thor Engineering has a stable foundation and finances as a fully owned daughter company of the SafeLine Group, an international business group with its base in the European lift industry. Thor Engineering's office is located in Bonn, Germany. Thor Engineering GmbH company is a founding member of the NeXt group.


Developing a new Lift controller from scratch is a massive job today. 25 years ago this could be done by one enthusiastic developer in less than a year; but with the increasing demands from customers, new standards and state-of-the-art connectivity, the development work has increased 5-10 times over the years while the demands from the market continue to increase year by year. Today a modern controller need to have all communication, interfaces and functions the customer asks for. In a controller made for the European lift market, there is a need for thousands of different functions demanded in different countries: CANopen-Lift, ethernet, SD card, USB, group controller, cloud server connections, remote monitoring, etcetera. This is where Thor comes in. Thor delivers all of this and is tailored for a big European market with many different kinds of needs.


The first and current project is the development of the new THOR NX-T lift controller. This means providing the lift application running on the newly developed hardware on a ready-to-use Linux image, the VM based Linux development host and the Toolbox set of utilities as a companion. A very early prototype was first presented at the LIFTEX 2016. On the INTERLIFT 2017 we will present the first finished solution that will enter the market quickly.

Aage Hjort Johansen

Aage Hjort Johansen is an electronic engineer with a bachelor degree from the university in Odense Denmark (B.SC.E.E.). Aage has worked with CANopen and CiA417 for more than 10 years, and participate in the CiA417 standardization work. In close partnership with Thor Engineering Aage has added embedded Linux® and embedded C++ to the list of experience.



Roy Schneider

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Roy Schneider is the senior engineer at Thor Engineering. Roy's main task is to develop the lift application as well as the Toolbox as a companion to the lift application. He has worked for more than 15 years in the lift business as a software developer with solid CANopen CiA 417 knowledge. Roy is very capable of interconnecting the world of software and hardware.



Lars Gustafsson

R&D Manager and founder of the SafeLine group. Lars has been working in the lift business for 40 years. He is a specialist in hardware design and circuit board production. Lars made his first complete controller hardware and software for the Swedish lift business more than 20 years ago.



Our team

This could be you!

Thor engineering is currently looking for one more engineer with experience in software for lifts, C++, Linux, embedded software and open source. Is this you? Apply today and help us develop Thor!



Ivan Dick

Ivan has a master degree in information engineering (M.Sc.) from the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. Ivan worked for 3 years at the R&D department of an automotive supplier and is therefore familiar with systems which require hard real-time conditions. He is familiar with C (especiallay MISRA-C), C++ and Linux as an embedded or desktop OS.



Thomas Reul

Thomas has worked in the lift industy since 1994 and has experience with several different lift companies and controllers. In October 2020 he started working as managing director for Thor Engineering. Thomas will work with commercial organisation and everything that belongs to customer service such as telephone support, training, consulting etc.