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What is the NeXt group?

In short: the NeXt group is a non-profit, worldwide development partnership of lift manufacturers, suppliers and other companies from the electronics and software industry. NeXt group is financed by membership fees and everyone is invited to become a member.

What is the purpose of NeXt?

The purpose with the group is to reduce and share development costs and standardize interfaces. This in turn, we believe, will lead to faster development and allows us to compete on equal terms, regardless the size of our company. We co-operate on standards and compete on the implementation of the technology.


Why should I become a member?

For customers this means independence from suppliers and lifetime support for their products - real competition. For us this means the possibility of developing unique selling points, to differentiate ourselves from the international players.


For both it means fast access to new technologies and saving money. NeXt group also offers other services. These include seminars and conferences, publications, device- and interface testing, and last but not least; the promotion of open interfaces and standardized interfaces. Come see what’s next and be part of the difference.