Open source

We love open solutions

THOR operates featuring the open standard CANopen CiA 417 for its bus-system solution, making it widely interoperable with all the various CiA 417-compatible parts and devices being already on the open market.


We believe in the Open Source idea where using software comes with certain rights, but also certain obligations. Because of that we decided to open the CANopen stack used in the THOR system, as well as the Toolbox to all the members of the NeXt group, giving them the opportunity to use and contribute.


As a member of the NeXt group, we think it is absolutely vital to the smaller businesses in the lift industry to stick together to be able to get our products out on the market. The open source-technology is a big part of this and it is what makes it possible for us to cooperate on standards and compete on implementation.


Being open minded does not mean publishing the companies 'gold treasures'. It means that we have understood that we need to standardize the interfaces and the platform in order to provide a complete application solution to the customers, instead of being only suppliers.