Frequent questions and Answers

We are a contributing member of the NeXt group

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • What is Thor Engineering?

    Thor is a Software developing company, focusing on high technology lift controller software.

  • Is Thor also selling hardware, like CPU boards or CANopen components?

    No, we write software only.

  • What is the connection between Thor, NeXt and SafeLine or Semitron?

    Thor is developing software and selling software licenses for lift controllers.

    SafeLine or Semitron are developing and selling hardware components, like the Thor NX-T3/Nova/M18 (Safeline) or Nous (Semitron) CPU unit and all sorts of CANopen products for the lift business.

    The NeXt group is a membership owned consortium overlooking the rules and acting as a referee if there is any disagreements among members.

  • On who’s initiative was Thor founded?

    This was an initiative of several companies and enthusiasts in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Belgium.

  • What is the benefit with Thor’s products compared to others on the market?

    Thor will focus on Software licenses, and to make the best lift controller on the market. Since the Hardware -CPU board- is free for anyone to develop on their own, Its a more flexible product than other solutions. This makes it possible for OEM and lift companies to make their own hardware CPU board and buy the best software from Thor - or to buy both hardware and software from well known suppliers.

  • What do you mean by open source?

    Open source is software or parts of software available to users as source code. The source code can not be used for commercial purposes unless the licensing terms are fulfilled. Next group definition of source code also refers to hardware, e.g. drawings, schematics, and other documentation needed for production of Thor compatible hardware.

  • Is open source free to use for anybody or any company?

    No its not free for anyone. You have to be a member of the NeXt group, and each open source project's licensing term has to be fulfilled.

  • Is the Thor software open source and for free?

    No, users will have to pay for the use of Thor software licenses. Only parts of the Thor software will be open source, e.g. the CANopen stack, configuration software and group controlling software

  • How do I become a member of the NeXt group?

    Applications can be found here:

  • Do I need to be a member to buy Thor license or Hardware?

    No you don't need to be a member of the NeXt group to buy the Thor products, but some suppliers of NeXt compatible hardware will have discounted prices for members.

  • You promote NeXt group open source projects, what is that?

    Here are a couple of examples:

    Thor will release a CANopen-Lift Stack this summer. A stack is a source code needed for implementing CANopen-Lift in different components.  The CANopen stack will be released as open source and will be available free of charge and for unlimited use to Next Group members.


    Example 2:

    Thor have developed a Windows based software for configuration of CanOpenLift networks. All network nodes can be configured with this tool independent of producer and product. The Configuration tool will be released as open source and available free of charge and for unlimited use to Next Group members.


    Example 3:

    Thor will release the source code of a group controlling software with API's to Thor. Members of the NeXt group will be invited to contribute to the group source code, and share their knowledge with other contributors.



    More examples of opensource-projects that will initiated by NeXt Group:

    • A Cloud server solution with a standardised interface for all products to use.
    • Advanced group controller software.
    • Hardware reference group to develop the hardware standards for CPU boards running Thor software.
    • Embedded web server for Ethernet connected units.
    • Destination control
    • etc
  • Can any NeXt group member join the open source-projects?

    No, only contributing members will be invited to the open source projects, but all NeXt group members will benefit from them.

  • How can I become a contributing member?

    By contacting the Technical Director of NeXt group.

  • What's the difference between a Member and a ”Contributing” Member?

    A contributing member will participate and have influence in the development and maintenance of the new standards. Contributors will be requested by NeXt group to provide an minimum amount of hours per year for contribution to the projects. The number of contribution hours is depending on the size of the member company.

  • What will happen with the software if something happens to Thor Engineering company and it's forced to cancel its operation?

    If this happens, the source code is taken over by NeXt group and can be handed out to third part, after a decision of the NeXt group board of directors.

  • When and where can I see your software and hardware in action?

    At the Interlift 2017 exhibition 17-20 October, Hall 3 - Stand 3108.